understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, We are enjoying your joy! I wonder if you quite understand what it means to release such joy and happiness? It makes almost anything possible of achievement.

Question:   Why are not all of our Decrees fulfilled?

Saint Germain:   I am eternally grateful that the Queen of Light called the attention of the people to the fulfilling of, shall we say, present and latent desires. Every one of you can look into your life and see where, one by one, present or latent desires have been fulfilled by the dozen. Since you have touched this Stream of Light, how many, many things have been fulfilled?

It would be well to check sometimes on yourself, upon the desires that you have had, and see how many have been fulfilled, because mankind is so prone to accept the thing to which they are accustomed, as a natural consequence. Not that it is really surprising, but when you begin to check, see how many things have been fulfilled, both small and great – I mean from your human standpoint.

Question:   Are radio transcriptions important?

Saint Germain:   If students will only utilize the material they have, everyone will have the Freedom.

But this to Me is the most important thing:  utilize all the material possible on hand, but devote the needed time to the magnificent radio transcriptions that I will try to assist you to bring forth. That today is far, far more important than running larger amounts of the magazines.

You have no idea how the attention of listeners on the radio is drawn to the Books. It is really remarkable; and by that and the fundamental Instruction given over the radio, it enables them to read the Books with a certain amount of understanding they would not have without it – I mean awakening a certain comprehension.

Question:   Should we impress the Students with all that is being accomplished?

Saint Germain:   Yes. The greatest Power of Light ever known since the Second Golden Age is being released into the Earth at the Call of this great number of Students, and that is the greatest need.

The Students should be reminded daily that this which they are calling forth from the “Presence” is Light, which knows no resistance nor interference. Once the Students get that idea, they will “mow down” everything in front of them that is destructive.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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