understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   Any special instructions for the Thursday night 100% Group.

Saint Germain:   I think they are very marvelous. I would suggest, as Victory did tonight, that you hold them all firmly to those three Decrees, because it is very vitally important at this time for the Work in hand.

Question:   Will you tell me wherein I have fallen down in my Application?

Saint Germain:   The feeling in your mental Application is abundant, but the feeling is not always following the Application. If your feeling always followed your intense Application, you would perform miracles, because your feeling is intense; but you have not been aware in your earnestness or outer Application, that the feeling was not always following it.

So if you will watch that, you will find it does not run around “Robin Hood’s barn” when you want it to be concentrated.

Question:   How long should we use the Violet Consuming Flame?

Saint Germain:   I think if you use it intensely, five minutes, three times a day, that is quite sufficient. That will keep dissolved anything that is there. There is so little of your human creation left in any of you. I think it will not be so very bothersome.

Question:   Did I do the right thing the way I talked to that woman this morning?

Saint Germain:   There are many of those individuals who are more or less psychic. When you begin to do physical things for them, they will hang on to you like a barnacle; but watch out in the future, all of you, and be very careful about that. There is always a reason people get into the conditions they do, so don’t be over-sympathetic.

The Light within her was strong enough to draw her to this Light, and if she will apply It she will have her Freedom; but she must not think you are going to make the Application and assist her physically all the time.

I would suggest that in the future when you render a service, which you have done so wonderfully to so many, cut them off right there. Don’t let them feel they can follow up and begin to cling to you.

It is very important because there are many people who, seeing your great loving kindness, will work every means to keep following up, leaning on you to make Application for them and give them material assistance.

So whenever you give help, not only issue your Decrees silently that they stand on their own feet, but if they physically try to lean on you, simply shut it right off and say: “You must not do that. You must stay in your own environment and depend on your own Application.”

It is very important, because you cannot carry people to heaven on your back; and there are a few who think there is a possible chance they might ride there, possibly unobserved. So, you cannot let them do that.

Question:   Does everybody have to be present at the Class to have their human creation dissolved?

Saint Germain:   No, there were others outside. Now I am really closing. Good night!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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