understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mrs. Ballard:   May I ask You why I awakened the other morning with that thing – a mailed fist? Was that a black magician?

Saint Germain:   Yes.

Mrs. Ballard:   Was he from Europe?

Saint Germain:   He was the black magician who was the driving power back of so much.

Mrs. Ballard:   I felt that, when I made the Call to take him.

Saint Germain:   You know, it is strange; mankind has seen that, even in the newspapers – that black, mailed hand. It has been in your newspapers, showing that somebody sensed close enough to draw that much of it forth.

Think of it, you today who are responsible for so many of these black magicians being seized and bound, this one was the one who caused your death in Egypt. That is why you (Lotus) handled him and brought it back into the physical, which enabled his physical body to be destroyed.

Mrs. Ballard:   I mean the one here the other morning.

Saint Germain:   Both of these.

Mrs. Ballard:   Did I bring this fellow back too?

Saint Germain:   Yes.

Mrs. Ballard:   Tell me, did I do something with the Blue Ray from my own “Presence” to help dissolve him?

Saint Germain:   Yes. You dissolved the image which he projected, which made it possible for that physical body to be dissolved.

Mrs. Ballard:   He was in physical embodiment?

Saint Germain:   Oh yes, both of them were. The one in Los Angeles was the one who caused you to be burned at the stake as Joan of Arc. This one was the one who caused your death in Egypt; so retribution does come, does it not?

Mrs. Ballard:   I was not afraid of either one, but the thing the other morning was a definite action; or was it because I happened to see it?

Saint Germain:   Yes there was a somewhat definite action. They won a temporary victory, but all to their end. Therefore, there is no force of darkness that can ever win the victory. Never!

They seem to have temporary results, but often it is an open door to their complete annihilation. Won’t you feel that, toward all destructive forces toward yourself or this Work? They really have no power!

When you have come to know this now with dynamic Application and know the Power of your “Presence” at the same time, then do you not see the tremendous Power you carry when you use that Decree?

Now I must say goodnight; otherwise, we will be going along here until the wee hours in the morning. It is not right and just, and I should know better; so I will say goodnight to you.

My Love and Blessing enfold you all to your Victory; and remember, the important thing is not to get on each other’s nerves.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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