understanding the “i am”…that is you…

Saint Germain (cont.):   Dear People, today the Truth carries with It Application, and the Understanding that mankind must make Application to release themselves from the conditions for which they are alone responsible.

How in the world would they go on for the next million years – if the Law of Life and Light permitted that – in the same condition?

It is only this marvelous Understanding that is bound to bring the freedom of mankind, and make mankind alert to the things that they have just ignored completely.

You can say a thing is needful; but mankind, in the density into which they have drawn themselves today, unless some Application is given them, they are like children – helpless. That is why the old occult laws had to be set aside – they were doing far more harm than good, expecting mankind to reach out in the mental and feeling world and gain the Understanding of these Great Laws when the density was so great.

You see, the density has become so great that they cannot comprehend anything else until their attention is drawn to it. Then feebly they begin to think and become just a little more alert.

If you saw in many Classes – and of course it was more noticeable in this Class; but in almost every Class that has been, if you saw the change from the beginning, the first day and the closing day, you would absolutely – unless you saw it with your own eyes – you would certainly say it was incredible.

The change in the comprehension, the change in the alertness! When that is pounded at them with dynamic force – which has been necessary – then they begin while they are in the Radiance, to awaken, be alert, and feel more; and ofttimes for a considerable period afterwards they retain that alertness which was practically unknown to them before.

Now in this Class – you take the Students who have been in most of the Classes – a tremendous Work was done.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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