understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   As you may have noticed in our Contemplation Groups, instead of calling for things to be done, we have been saying: “In the Name of the ‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence’, we say to all human creation: NO! By the Victory of the Sacred Fire, you have no power! Your day is done! Be thou dissolved and consumed from the face of the Earth forever!”

Saint Germain:   Stipulate, “You have no power!” to human creation and human forces. It is absolutely imperative to be maintained.

And when you ask that they be dissolved and consumed, I think it is a very important part of the Work; for not only is that accomplishment being temporarily done, but when the Great Cosmic Light in this Greater Power descends of Its own Volition – which It will – that means the Activity of that Light will then take over the charge of the quality of mankind and enable It to do in a great sweep, as it were, the dissolving and consuming effect for the conditions that are in the atmosphere of Earth, which it is the province of the Great Cosmic Light to dissolve.

That is why in Washington’s Vision It was shown – and Beloved Arcturus mentioned It, because They all know that one day there must descend into the Earth this Great Cosmic Light.

We cannot always tell you just how It is going to manifest. At first It may begin with Great Rays of Light that hundreds of people will see, and they will feel the Activity of the Forces of Light.

Should It decide to act in that manner, you would see the greatest transformation in human beings you ever witnessed in your life – oh, I mean that ever was witnessed on Earth!

Only when the Light takes on sufficient Manifestation and the people begin to see from the human standpoint the Victory of the Light, will they begin to come into line, as it were, and realize that this which has been mentioned for many, many centuries – well, in fact, ever since the seventy-thousand-year-period civilization – in each age this Idea has come forth.

Of course, you are only cognizant today of your own present time.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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