understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain (cont.):    I suggest now that each one of you be as careful as possible – I know the many provocations – from allowing yourselves to voice any kind of criticism or “opinion”, shall we call it. I am sure with most of you it is not criticism; but it is often expressing an opinion which would seem like a criticism concerning persons, places, and conditions.

Your need today is to hold yourselves as tranquil and harmonious as possible.

You see, Beloved Ones, won’t you understand with me, when you see all the magnificent things that have really been accomplished under the conditions that have existed, then think what a magnificent thing it would be if there were, every moment of the waking and sleeping state, a perfect feeling of harmony, love, kindness, and cooperation from each one of you to each other and to, shall we say, persons, places, conditions, and things, even though they might not seem deserving of it – yet for your own sake, to reverse from your own contemplation that which has discordant conditions.

That is the thing in a nutshell. But especially among yourselves, don’t let one feeling of unkindness or an opinion go out concerning each other.

Tonight I feel more encouraged than ever, that such a thing can be established; and when it has been held for a sufficient length of time, you will see wonders in your midst that you never dreamed were possible – as soon as that has been maintained long enough, because in this now everything is loving, kindly cooperation.

If somebody does something that does not seem to be correct, don’t have any opinion about it. Just call the “Presence” into action to produce Perfection there, and then shut your own feeling off from acting concerning that particular incident or whatever it may be.

Everyone knows definitely the need of this, and knows how futile it is to pass opinions, because that is the thing that is preventing your achievement.

Oh, any feeling of discord or irritation will prevent it. It is not so important to outside things, although that should be avoided; but the important thing is to avoid that on the part of each other in the Student Body.

Don’t let anything of any description irritate or disturb your feeling toward each other; for that is where I want to bring to a certain condition the natural laws of your own lives, and begin to produce those so-called miracles in your experience.

Of course you all know there are no miracles – miracles are God’s Way, uninterfered with by mankind – but We use that expression as a means of producing that which is unusual to the average experience. I feel so surely that you will be able to do this.

Oh, if you only knew what it means, there would not be anything in the world that would create disturbance within you.

This Class will be so wonderful! Be just perfectly calm and poised. If any fanatics should come in and try to create any disturbance, just be calm and serene until they are out; and then go on with the Work.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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