understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Messengers and Staff, it is a very great Joy to see how well the response has been since the Radiation in West Palm Beach. It gives Me very great Joy and great Encouragement that that which I have so much planned upon is possible.

I am going to say something to you tonight that I have never said, which I think will give you great happiness. While at present I may not mention them, but if you realized the powerful friends you have in physical embodiment in America – and some of them are never very far away – your joy would know no bounds. Let us rejoice as never before.

Oh, you Blessed Ones, and the Blessed Students of America, oh, that you could realize what a Tremendous Service has been rendered in these three years – inconceivable to anyone but the Ascended Masters, because unless you saw from the cause and effect standpoint, you could not possibly comprehend.

I would suggest to all, that you give less and less attention to any destructive gossip or reports unless you are able to verify them and find that they are true; and when you get reports from different parts of the country that this or that is so, I would not give it a moment’s consideration unless you are able to verify it.

I am quite longing for the day when your vibratory action is to the point where I can bring forth certain truths concerning the physical octave, because if once you understand that, everything in this octave would take on a different color; it would change.

May I say just this much. Almost everything in the human octave is manmade laws and conditions. It has been so diverted and distorted from the original Divine Plan, that you would hardly recognize it unless you saw back into the Divine Pattern.

Mrs. G. W. Ballard:   Is that why I felt such a terrible emptiness in the music in the past few years?

Saint Germain: Yes, and that is why so much of the tomtom and broken element in the music has come forth, because the more confused mankind become, the more that thing drives in to shatter the vibratory action of the finer senses.

I would suggest to all of you, if you are in a place where the jazz music is part of it, charge and draw your Tube of Light powerfully about you to shut out that vibratory action from your feeling world. You are at a point where any one of you can do that, if you will.

The Great Tenor and the Goddess of Liberty are present with Me tonight for the Work They wish to do with each one of you, so make yourselves lovingly receptive to that Radiation which They wish to give you .”

Beloved Saint Germain

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