understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain (cont.):   I am sure that the last of Class was the most wonderful thing. The love that those people poured forth, the way they flew to America’s defense, was the most wonderful thing ever witnessed in this world; and the way it awakened the love to each other was the most beautiful thing anybody ever witnessed.

That is the reason I am prompting you in these things, so that you can release the utmost possible of the Light within you – because it can be very wonderful. Well now, there is no use talking anymore. We shall have to discontinue sooner or later.

Beloved Ones, know My Love and that of the Ascended Masters enfolds you always with the fullness of Its Protection, Blessing, Directing Power; and We try to amplify your Call for the release from the Treasure-house to abundantly supply everything that is required.

Know how grateful I am for all the blessed Service rendered by each one in the Class here. I am proud of you, very proud of you. To be able to stand up and serve with a smile on your face, in the face of that vicious vortex, was something which in itself was a miracle.

So, just rejoice that you have the strength and power to do it; and know that each day brings that in an increasing, intensified activity that is without limit.

With deepest Love and Gratitude I thank each one for all of your blessed Service. Good night.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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