understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   Do I have to do physical work, or can I hire others? I don’t mind doing those things, but I don’t like to do them; and I feel there are so many people who can do it.

Saint Germain:   It is not just a matter of housework, but it is a matter of fixing your attention and the releasing of your energy upon something that keeps you really occupied. We want you to feel no undue responsibility; but you must feel that you are the constructive power acting, you see.

The principle reason I am speaking of this is because of the element that has been brought into your homes several times, and has opened you to the conditions that followed.

I say to you tonight, Blessed Children, do not listen to any silly stories that come to you; do not enter in nor take part in that. Simply say: “We will call the ‘Presence’ into action; and further than that we will have nothing to do with it.”

Keep yourselves out of any gossip and don’t be drawn into it, and you will find marvelous blessings. You accept more in your feelings than you have any idea. Perhaps days later you find you have, and that is why I am trying to guard you to absolutely refuse to be drawn in or listen to it.
Nobody, I don’t care who it is, should enter into this energy. I am not criticizing you, but I see the conditions. I see the things that you need so much to bring you up into that Perfect Glory you can have. You can become a Perfect, Blazing Glory.

Be sweet and kind; but if necessary, be firm. But be sweet and kind everywhere you move, and especially among the Students; and do not let them hear you say one thing off-color or anything that could be construed as being crude. Don’t let any expression go forth that is crude, because you are looked upon as the example to the people of the world.

Everybody is amazed at the Power you could have. People are amazed at the Power you have in the Decrees and the work you do. That is proof of the Glory that is waiting to come forth in you as you do that and keep yourselves free from all kinds of gossip or being drawn into those things. Do not take part in it.

If someone comes to you and wants to suggest something, say, “Call your ‘Presence’ into action, because outwardly I would not know anything about it.”

Insist upon it, and do not let anybody get you to pass an opinion on what anything should be. Then you keep yourself free from any vortex of discord.

I feel now, if you will take that firm stand as I have suggested, it will be a tremendous help in dissolving completely this whole vortex of viciousness which has been generated here.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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