understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain (cont.):  I never saw such a magnificent Manifestation of that as the other night in the great Class. I want to tell you, the way the Power in those individuals rose and let loose was unparalleled by anything I have ever witnessed; and it shows every person can do it, for this was a wholly unprepared thing. It was exactly like when the “Presence” released the Power through Beloved Godfre’s body to assist David Lloyd.

Don’t you see, it was an unpremeditated thing. It released right there the same, identical Manifestation. I tell you, had We chosen to utilize that energy for a Manifestation there, We could have shown that audience one of the most magnificent Manifestations any Group ever saw; but the energy was needed for the Protection of America and gained the Victory in the percentage that was to be gained – so We could not use it.

That is the power of concentrated action and force, because that was actually force released.

Now there are only two Groups here that have been doing that. They have been getting that into one Focus. That is the reason tremendous Work has been done in your Group, and is the reason I would like to have not one thing occur that would disrupt the present conditions.

There had been gathering vicious vortices of forces over America from Boston and Seattle; but when the tremendous Decree went forth on the evening of the ninth day of the Shrine Class, It shattered every one of those vicious vortices that had been established.

I want the blessed Students of America to know what a mighty, concentrated force of action does.

You all seem to be in this room during the time we are conversing, don’t you? From the appearance standpoint, that is true; and yet, you have been definitely with Me around My Table in My own Audience Chamber in the Cave of Symbols. Well, it is a very comfortable place, I assure you.

I am very happy in that Audience Chamber, because it was My own Creation a long time ago, and the walls were My own Precipitated Substance. They are beautiful.

It might sound foolish to you, and you might think that I am still a searcher for antiques – even the Messenger does not know yet: that magnificent table in the Audience Chamber in the Cave of Symbols came from the Andes Mountains in South America.

Would you think it possible that that could be transported from South America to the Rockies and placed within a room in the heart of a mountain? Can a mechanical genius figure that out?

Questioner:  If you can transport the pictures and the other records, why not these?

Saint Germain:  This is quite a different thing, a substance – but it does not make any difference. The Law works the same.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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