understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question: How is the new Group in Boston doing?

Saint Germain: It was very fortunate that the Emerys stepped in there, in Boston. It was just at a time when very much was needed, and they have established a joy and enthusiasm that was needed there above all places.

They have a clean, light, beautiful place now in their Reading Room for their people to meet in, where all Groups can come and meet under one general focus. Oh, it is a beautiful place. They have done the redecorating in beautiful colors; and all outside is light, wonderful light, overlooking the park. It is a place that is right and deserving.

I say to all of you, watch out that you do not let anyone make any criticism or feeling toward the Messengers, because that would be striking at the Heart Center of Light. Don’t have any opinion about anyone. Let all be free to go forth in their work, and give all you are to support them with your love, kindness, and blessing.

I am watching very carefully over everything. I am determined to bring about the conditions that I want. It can be done; and I know your Hearts are all so loyal, true, and right, that you are willing to make the human do anything that is necessary in order to come to that point.

I want to take you people to the Cave of Symbols and the Royal Teton in your physical bodies; and if you will give Me the obedience that I have asked for, you will have it. I cannot tell you how soon, and do not plan on any specific time; don’t let the human begin to set its own plans, but just leave it to the Wisdom of the “Presence”.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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