understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   Should we go to San Diego?

Saint Germain:   Well, it would be a glorious thing; but I think it would be wise for you to remain here and be at your Groups, because you have so little time to do that. And will you take the message to them of My Love, Blessing, and Gratitude; and will they kindly stand loyally together and give these Decrees while you are absent.

Question:   Are there any special Instructions you would like to give for the Group Work?

Saint Germain:   Only to keep all reminded of the need of the obedience to the “Presence” – that means by harmony in their feeling, and earnest, intense Application. There are few who almost make “over” Application. I mean by that, they keep at it too long.

I tell you, I have watched it among the general activity of the Students. People should give fifteen or twenty minutes of dynamic Application, then go on about their work; and if during the day they want to repeat it, very well. But at least twice or three times a day decree for specific things, give dynamic Application, and then take your mind off the problem.

It is so easy in the old so-called meditation, and even in the Application today, if the person is not by nature dynamic and begins to give Application – if you could be present to notice, you would find almost from the first Application, just a gradual letdown in the strength with which they come forth in the Application.

That is the thing to be avoided, because you had better give four or five dynamic Decrees and stop, than to give seven and begin to wane on the last two.

If you want to shatter a boulder, you drill a hole, put in the dynamite, and explode it. That is power and force.

When it comes to the outer activity of humanity, generated viciousness needs it – requires force, and your dynamic Decrees. That is why Beloved Lotus had such tremendous results with the vicious forces that were being directed at her – that she recognized in an instant, and flew right back in its face, like an explosion; and It shattered the thing. That went right to its creator because she sent It forth with terrific power.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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