understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, if I can assist you with your questions, I will be very glad to.

Question:   You know the 100% Group was allowed to be brought forth so the Students could adjust themselves so You could appear in Your Tangible Bodies. What would You do with those who are not one hundred percent?

Saint Germain:   Blessed One, I would not change the situation at the present time at all. We shall endeavor to release a Force there that will either make them give obedience or withdraw.

You see, many of them got the idea that if they would sneak in there, they might see one of the Ascended Beings. Knowing that that was the great intense desire of many, consequently many came in with no thought of purification or giving obedience, and were foolish enough to think that We would not see that.

But let Me say this:  there is not anybody who can prevent Us coming forward when We choose to do so. Now, those who have practiced deceit – not anyone else – they alone will pay the penalty, of course, because they all knew better.

This is the one reason why it was magnificent when the Outline was given. It was simply an opportunity for them to be reminded of the obedience necessary. When they are not willing to do that, then they place all responsibility upon themselves.”

You see, this is a very difficult thing; you cannot say that to them in public. But when those individuals sign their name to an intent to their “Presence” – which that 100% Pledge is – that is a very different thing. Therefore, whatever they lack at this time, that will start into action and continue to expand until one day they give the obedience that is necessary.

From time to time, there is no doubt you will find individuals who should not come in; but remember this – and this, I am sure, will give you great release in that respect.

You see, We can do so much more now, since the time has come when the Free Will of the individual may be set aside. We can release the Powers of Force, if necessary, to bring a very quick, definite change where conditions are too destructive – which We could not do before without someone in the physical giving Us the opportunity to do it.

Of course, in cases of crime or something destructive there never has been any obstruction to that; but I think you will find that several of those people will just naturally drop out now.

Just like a year ago – four or five people came to the Shrine Class with a silly psychic prompting within themselves that they would make their Ascension there. If people are silly enough to do that, what can you do? Just let them alone.

You see, the human beings who think they are going to win the Victory without any effort are mistaken; they just cannot do it. But I want you to feel – to ease your Precious Hearts – there is not anything that is going to stop Us when We wish to come forth! I want you to feel that.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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