understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, all mankind in their attention to the Presence of Life, the “Mighty I AM”, can become the full Christ Beings in their full power of action.

Since you have sought the Christ within and the Ascended Jesus Christ without, remember that every human being is the Child of God; and the proof is that the Life of God beats your Heart, and the tiny Flame of God is within the human Heart.

Therefore, the proof stands there – and I say to you, Friends of America, within a very few years, every human being will be able to look within a physical instrument and see the Flame within his own Heart. This will enable Him to know that God, the “Mighty I AM”, is the Presence of Life that is beating his Heart. Then will mankind know Freedom and Dominion, and nothing – not all human opinions – can take it away from them.

Let us stand in that full Power of the Glory of Life, Its Full and Almighty Power of Action; and as you, Friends of America, call your friends’ attention to this “Great Presence of Life”, remember you are rendering them a Service.

It is not up to you whether they accept It or reject It; but as you call their attention to It, you have fulfilled your part. Then it is within them to accept or reject. Remember, no one is coerced into this Work, but all are left quite free.

We call Eternal Blessing of Life upon you, Friends of America, to take Its Dominion, take Its Action, to produce Its Perfection, and give you the Perfection of Life in the human octave.

Keep your attention off human limitations, and put it on the “Presence” which brings you the full Power and Glory so that It may be sustained. Go on and on in Its Action and Its Dominion, for It is giving you Its Evidence of the Power of Life to take Command and hold Its Dominion there forever.

Therefore, I say to you, joy is for him, for her today, who will give attention to this Understanding and all that It means to them.

Friends of America, it is for you to accept or reject. We call the Blessings of the Understanding, the Comprehension of Life to take Its Full Command and Dominion.

Therefore, Gentlemen, today in this rare opportunity to pour forth My Radiance, My Blessings to you, it is a Joy that words cannot describe. I thank you for your comprehension, for your feelings, for that gathering dominion within you, through your attention to Life that is doing so much.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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