understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Friends of America, in these parting Words, remember, whether you have previous understanding or not, if you will accept the great Individualized Presence of Life, the “Mighty I AM” above you, Saint Germain God Presence ChartWhose Ray of Light and Energy beats your Heart, and call to It – you will have the proof, all you require, that the “Presence of Life” is there!

But be determined; do not give power to human appearances longer, but stand firm and unyielding by that “Presence of Life”, and let Its great River of Life flow through you and bring Its Perfection into your world.

It is the Fullness of Life. It is the Power of Life. It is the Intelligence of Life that every human being on this Earth requires today.

Remember, you are in the accumulation of mankind’s limitations of the centuries, hundreds of thousands of centuries. So it is not surprising that you need to be firm at first and unyielding in your Call to the “Presence of Life”, that It may shatter, that It may dissolve, and that It may consume the conditions which have held you in bondage all this time.

Do you wonder that I ask you to be firm, determined, and unyielding in your Call to the “Presence of Life”, and especially at first, until you see Its Mighty Operating Power take action in your world?

Do not be surprised if it requires determination on your part. Remember, your determination is the outer action of the Inner Will and Power of Life that will sustain you, will strengthen you, will give you the full feeling and dominion of that Power of Life. It only requires your attention, your earnest, determined effort to find Its full and complete action within you.

Try it out, Friends of America, and see what It will do for you.

Remember, Our part is to present to you this Great Truth of Life which We have proven by Our Freedom and Our Ascension. We are the Living Proof of this identical Application of Life, for the very Application you have today is the identical Application by which We have Our Freedom today.

One day you will come to know that We are as Real, in fact more Real than you are. Therefore, try to believe, try to feel that it is within your province to reach Us.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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