understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I call your attention so vividly today that even though mankind are responsible for the mistakes, Life does not condemn you. We do not condemn you. All We want to know is that now you are ready to turn to the “Presence of Life” and cal It to cleanse and purify you and your world, so that you no longer requalify Life as It goes forth on Its great mission to bring Perfection into your world.

You are the determiner, you are the decreer of how It is going to act for you.

And since in these few Words today, you have been informed how you may change all this, then the responsibility is up to you – you may apply It or not; you may accept this or reject It. We love you just the same, but your Life will not produce for you the Perfection you desire unless you call to It with this Understanding, and know that no matter what your mistakes have been, Life does not condemn you.

I repeat this, Friends of America, for there are so many in America today who are living under self-condemnation because of the mistakes they made.

I say to you, be fearless! Be dauntless! Your mistakes, whatever they may be, may be stopped at once; and the Power of Light at your Call will flood forth to dissolve them, and cleanse, purify, and charge your world with Its Mighty Action.

Remember, Friends of America and Gentlemen, when I say, “charge your world” – at your Command the Power of Life will charge into your world with a dynamic Power of Action that brooks no interference from any condition that exists in the human world.

Therefore I say to you, call It forth, Friends of America, in the full power and dominion that is yours. Let Life bless you as It has longed wanted to do.

While you have not known it, you have lived centuries and centuries under those same conditions, each time striving and waiting and praying to some degree to be free; but since you have the exact mathematical precision and Application today by which this comes about, mathematically accurate, then I say to you, you are not subject any longer to the conditions that are mankind’s creations.

Assert your dominion! Stand forth free in the Acknowledgment of your “Presence”!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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