understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you, Friends of America, whatever your position is today, I say to you, in this Application of Life there is nothing in all Creation that can hold you longer in limitations or privation! There is no power in the World but yourselves to hold you longer in those conditions.

This Understanding of Life is before you. It produces exact results, and there is no power of human beings nor all put together that can hold one individual back from the Perfection which this Life offers, because Life is the Supreme Power of the Universe.

There is no person, place, or condition that can deprive a determined individual of his freedom and dominion in this Understanding and Application of Life! (Applause – audience rising)

Thank you, Gentlemen, and I say to you, the power to supply and free yourselves is yours. Friends of America, the power to set you free is in these Words that go forth to you today, and in the Currents of Energy which I send forth to you.

You perhaps do not understand it, but I am not limited in any way whatsoever; and as I am flashing these Words to the Messenger, then I am pouring forth to each one of you who are listening, that Power of Life, those Mighty Currents of Energy, that sustaining, invincible Power.

It is entering into your feeling world and raising you into that Dominion, Freedom, Happiness, Strength, Power, and Courage which will draw you one day into that glorious Power and Freedom of Life, and give you that which your Hearts have craved all through many lifetimes, most of which you do not remember today.

I say to you, Friends of America, your Liberty, your Freedom is at hand if you will try to understand this Great Knowledge and apply It in your Life. Please be seated.

Remember, all this comes from the “Presence of Life” above your head. Saint Germain God Presence ChartThink of it! You, today, no longer need to search for your permanent contact with God; but knowing you have It and always will have It, then your requirement is calling to the Power of Life, and holding harmony in your feelings over a sustained period of time until the outpouring of this great River of Life can pour forth, carry out of your world all imperfection, and carry into it and sustain that full Power and Perfection of Life.

Then, Friends of America and Gentlemen, you are no longer subject to the conditions that have been.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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