understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you now, that it is for every human being in America and the World to come into this Understanding and apply Its great Laws. They are accurate – these Laws interfere with no one in the World, their previous understanding or anything; but They illumine the understanding that mankind have had, put them on the right track, and sustain them there if they will so determine it.

Since mankind are the decreers of their own world and how this energy is going to act for them, We cannot and have no desire to intrude anything upon anyone which they do not want.

Since mankind do want Freedom, want limitless Supply, want Perfection, want Happiness, want the Dominion of their own world, then I am presenting to you that which will give it to you – and the only thing in Life which will.

I say this in all kindness and all respect to everything that has come forth, but since mankind have not yet had their freedom through the understanding they have, then they should be reaching out. And all mankind are having a greater understanding that will give them their own power of Application which does set them free.

I call your attention to this one point definitely.

Think of it! Since mankind have sought through everything that has been presented to them, yet have not found that freedom, and since hundreds of thousands in America today are finding this complete Freedom from all limitations through this Understanding which I have brought forth, then it is time that mankind awakened to the fact that this does produce exact, mathematical results – and It is not just for a few.

Everyone from bootblack in the street to the banker or the President of the United States can apply this Law with Perfection and Blessing, if they will do it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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