understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Gentlemen and Friends of America, be so firm. Withdraw your attention from all limiting, disturbing conditions. Give it back to Life where it belongs; then at your Call to Life, let that Power of Life flow forth in Its full Power of Action through your human form, through your feeling world, and through your mental world – take Its Dominion there and hold it forever.

It can be done, and I want you to realize today in My releasing these Currents of Energy to you while I am talking to you, I am helping you to hold definite dominion; and you, Friends of America, should feel that Power enter into your feeling world and lift you into that Courage, Strength, and Confidence where you do know and feel, through the Power of Life in your own Heart, that these Words are True, that it is for you, that you have the Authority of Life to call Its Mighty Power into action to set you free at once!

Oh, do not delay! Do not feel that it is going to require years of time. For instance, in your old training of the understanding of Life, it was supposed to have taken years and years of preparation for these activities, for this release to come.

I say to you, Friends of America and Gentlemen, it is not so today! True enough, centuries ago it was. Mankind themselves, owing to the means of the Cosmic Light that were existing, had to fight these things out, as it were, for themselves.

But today, in the Release of the Cosmic Light that is freeing you from such strenuous individual requirements, then you are in the position to call to the “Presence of Life” for this Freedom; and keeping your attention away from discordant, limiting things and giving it back to Life – then you, the Individualized “Presence of Life”, will set yourself free, absolutely and completely, in so short a time.

Therefore I say to you, as you will make this effort, the Ascended Masters, Who are just as Real as you are, will give you the Assistance.

Now understand, Friends of America, today, why the Ascended Masters are not limited and why They can give you unlimited Assistance in your determination to be free, to purify yourself, and to hold that full power of action, which means the sustaining, continuing activity.

If you will do this, you will see how true Life is and how, all this time in your distress, Life has been waiting for your attention in order to pour Its greater Perfection into your world of action.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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