understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There always has existed this Almighty Power of Life, but mankind in their search to make the permanent contact, did not know that they had never lost it.

You today must know in your “Presence of Life” above you, Whose Ray of Light and Energy beats your Heart, that you have never been disconnected from this “Presence of Life” – you could not be and retain your physical body. Since you have your physical body, the proof is that you have that “Presence of Life sustaining it, giving it Life and Intelligence with which to act. Saint Germain God Presence Chart

Therefore, I say to you today, turn to that “God Presence” above you and try It out. Make your earnest, sincere Call to It and see how quickly will come forth the proof that you require, but be determined.

Do not yield to any other feeling but that determination to have Its Directing Intelligence, Its Power of Sustaining Activity released through your body, through your feeling world, to take Its Dominion and produce the Perfection which you wish. And that, of course, includes everything that your desire world can possibly require of Perfection or constructive activity.

As you do this, you will see and feel and know a Freedom and Dominion that you have ever known to exist in your Life, especially in this embodiment.

Since this is the culmination of a period of mankind when they must be free from the long, long period of the wheel of birth and rebirth, then there are thousands and thousands in America today who will close their earthly pilgrimage in this embodiment.

I tell you, Friends of America, so that all mankind might understand what this means – if you were to look back through your Life Stream and see the distress, the torture which you have gone through in the lack of understanding, then I think there is not one in America today who would not wish to obtain this Understanding and apply It with such determination that they have the Glory and Freedom which It brings.

Since you have that privilege, since you are calling in your Hearts and have through many years, then I urge you today to take up the Glory of this Understanding, and to feel Its full Power of Action flooding you and your world.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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