understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Understand, Friends of America, today, why this is true. In your Call to the “Presence of Life” and in accepting It as your Treasure House, which means your money supply, understand how in that, you are complying with the greatest Law in the Universe.

Your “Presence” is not holding so much coined gold, or so much paper money in Its possession for you; but since It is the Creator, or Its Energy and Intelligence were used to create all the coined gold and paper money that exists, then in your Call and acceptance of your “Presence” as the Treasure House of your world, you have complied with the Law of Life that sets Its Mighty Intelligence into action to reach out Its Light Rays into the human octave, or human world of action to bring about the conditions that will bring this release of the supply of everything you require, including money, into your action of Life through Divine Order and Divine Justice.

In your Call to the “Presence of Life” for supply, for happiness, courage, and strength, remember that It is the Wisdom of Life acting, and no inharmonious thing can possibly come to you through that Call if you will stand earnestly by It. Only as you would revolve that in your feeling after you made the Call, would any inharmony be produced.

As you stand by your Call to the “Presence”, then Its Wisdom will act to bring about these conditions you require, even your supply of money.

Since that is the Power that all must use, I say to you Friends of America who might not have experienced this, remember, you have been able to bring forth that which you actually knew should be yours. Now the solution has been brought forth which will corroborate your feeling.

You have been taught so many times through Life that there should be a power, that there was a power if you only knew how to contact it, which would set you free from every condition that exists.

I say to you, friends of America, you are quite right!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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