understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me repeat to you: I say each individual has had the conscious feeling and ability to call this “Presence and Power of Life” into action in Its greater Intensity, in Its greater Dominion.

Therefore, as you understand this, you will see how mankind assumed the solution – and with the conditions that had existed, of course they had to fail sooner or later because there was no anchorage there, no place to which they could anchor for a sustained achievement, even though it had been temporary achievement.

I say to you, today it remains the same: only those who have proven their sustaining power in their Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence” can be fully aware.

You may do me the honor to believe it; but unless you prove this, Friends of America, to yourselves, you cannot understand how this can be true. Therefore, I ask you to apply this Great Law. You have means of finding where you can get these Books and where you can understand this Instruction which I have given forth.

That is the Law of Life; there is not one human opinion in It.

There is not anything but the True Law of Life and Our Understanding; and since We are the Victory of that Application in Our Freedom from human limitations and in the Ascension, then today you are in a position with the same determination which urged Us into its full Achievement and Freedom.

If you will apply this Understanding earnestly, with great determination in your Calls to Life, then you will not need Me nor anybody else to tell you that Life is the Supreme Power and Intelligence acting within your human form.

It will dissolve all inharmony and limitations about you and set Its greater Power forth into action at your Call, take Its Command, hold Its Dominion, and release from the Treasure House of your “I AM Presence” everything that you require.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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