understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Friends of America and Gentlemen, today you are no longer at the mercy of human conditions. You can send forth these Mighty Decrees which are the Power of Life going forth under the direction of your attention; and that will dissolve the discord. That will dissolve and consume injustice in your individual world and in America, until there will be left only the Power of light, Divine Order, and Divine Justice acting through human beings, acting in your industries, acting in your unemployment situation.

I say to you, Friends of America, be not disheartened; be not dismayed at the conditions that exist today, because it is within the Power of this ever-growing, building Activity of the “I AM” called forth into action, to put every human being into their own right avenue of service.

That Call to Life will bring about conditions that will put everyone in their own right avenue of service, if only enough of mankind will make the Call to Life which will bring Divine Order and Divine Justice into your world of industry, and stop the condition that has deprived mankind of their own service or employment – if you are pleased to call it that – in which they could be independent, in which they could be self-serving, self-confident.

Friends of America, remember, there is nothing in the World that gives mankind such confidence in themselves as being able to earn their own living, as they call it. Since Life is the provider, every human being on this Earth should be able to render the service that brings to him the abundance he requires for his sustenance, his shelter, his clothing, and his transportation where he wishes to go.

As you call forth and continue these mighty Calls, I call your attention to that which We have accomplished in the past five years to see how magnificent it has been – the great changes that have taken place.

Now throughout America the heads of industries are understanding this Work and applying It; soon their people will come to understand, and all within the industrial activity will call forth Divine Order and Divine Justice, Perfection, and perfect action of service that will make one harmonious action. Then the unemployment of America today will soon become unknown. (Applause)

This can only come about by their understanding of this “Presence and Power of Life” and their ability to call It into action.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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