understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You cannot imagine what it means to bring forth an Understanding of Life that turns many things completely upside down in the world of mankind who have not credited the existence of the Ascended Masters, who have not known of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, and who have sought God as a Universal Activity.

Of course, God is a Universal Activity, but so is It and Individual Activity.

Since you are the outpost of the Mighty Presence of God Individualized, Whose Presence above you is the “Mighty I AM”, then you have come home into your full understanding of your position to God, the “Mighty I AM”. Saint Germain God Presence Chart

You are no longer seeking as if you would reach out in the atmosphere, blindfolded, for something that was in the room but whose position you did not understand. When you took off your blindfold, you saw the object.

So today, in taking off the blindfold, which is the veil of human consciousness that has blinded mankind to the “Presence of Life” which is above them, hundreds of thousands today have come to know and feel definitely that the “Presence of Life” Individualized is above them, and how they can call and release a Power and Intensity of Life that has been wholly incomprehensible, wholly unknown and unbelievable today.

Enough of mankind are accepting this greater Power of Life in action, and proving to themselves that this Instruction which I have brought forth is a Reality, is the greatest thing that mankind has ever known; and I do not say this egotistically, but the greatest they will ever know, because there is no place in this Universe you can find anything greater than your own “Presence of Life”.

It is all there is or that you wish to call forth into action through your human form, and into your individual world of action.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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