understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“At the beginning seven years ago, two individuals in Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Ballard, at My Direction started to give forth this Work, first with seven people. It has expanded now until over two million people’s attention has been called to this Understanding of the “Mighty I AM”.

Now listen carefully. How has this come about?

Not by advertising in any manner whatsoever, but by the Mighty Decrees issued by the Student Body. As they grew from seven to four hundred thousand people, these Mighty Decrees issued in the mental and feeling world of mankind went forth in their mighty vibratory action, touching, attuning, and lifting the consciousness of mankind by the Expansion of the Light within their own physical bodies and the attraction or contact with this Understanding.

Then came the acceptance, then the powerful Application which is before them to achieve their complete Dominion.

This is the means by which so many have come in contact with this Work – some through the radio activity, some through the transcriptions – all that has been done, truly!

But the great majority of this has been done by the Mighty Decrees that have been sent forth by the great Groups of Students throughout America to touch the feeling world, the mental world of mankind, and prepare them for their contact with this Work.

You might say to Me, even the Minute Men, “How was it that We could not or did not do this sooner to bring about this greater activity?”

Because a sufficient number of people had to be prepared and, to some degree, anchored within this Power of the Understanding of the “Mighty I AM” in order to hold the balance of those who entered later.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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