understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I thank you, Beloved Ones, with all My Heart for that Great, Great Love to these Messengers. My Dear Ones, one day, perhaps within the coming year, you will understand somewhat more of all They have meant to you and to mankind.

I tell you, Beloved Ones, you cannot quite appreciate it as I do; but when We have seen from Our unlimited Vision of the Earth, the forces that have tried to destroy Them, I do not wonder at your great love. Now is coming your determined defense of Them. (Applause) Thank you. Please be seated.

I was very glad to note that in the intended vicious experience in Chicago, it aroused within the Student Body all over America and the World, a defense that they never realized was there. It is marvelous, Dear Ones, to see that; for remember, these two Children for two years had to be Their own defense.

You know, it is said for a long period of time that Truth is Its own Defense; but I say, in the human octave it comes through human effort. Do not forget that, Beloved Ones. Your human effort in cooperation with the Power of Truth makes Truth Its own Defense in the human octave.

When you have a great mass accumulation of discord, it will often prevent for the time being the Power of Truth and of Light acting, because of the human Free Will in the past.

But today, since the human Free Will of vicious individuals can be taken away in the Wisdom of Life, then a new world has been entered into.

Therefore, I say to you, remember these victories of the Students. My Dear Ones, you will see such magnificent victories as you never dreamed possible for human beings, because it is already starting.

Remember how earnestly the past two evenings the Messenger has pleaded with you to be fearless in the Presence of Light that you call forth against human qualities! Children of the Light, you are at that point where you can afford to be fearless, where you can stand in the Light and see Its Victory go before you.

Do not fear anything that man may do!

I tell you, We shall be able to show you with this new Determination and Mighty Power which you are calling forth, that you are the Victory of the Light!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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