understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I inform you tonight – I seldom speak of Myself – but I wish you to know tonight that I have lived a very long time – I mean without changing embodiments before My Ascension. I wish you to understand that in the old method of centuries past of retaining Life in the body over a long, extended period – some two, three, five, or seven hundred years were quite an ordinary thing.

But do you know what that means?

Instead of losing the memory of your achievement in one, you go right on through the period that would be the various embodiments, carrying with you the Victory of attainment from one period to the other.

Do you not see how great was that privilege?

Even when I made the Ascension, still have I appreciated that privilege and understanding that was mine to expand Life in that body until I could perfect it. Of course, I could have perfected it a long time before I did; but in the Service that I was rendering, I preferred to retain Life in that body.

I say to you, My determined Service to the mankind of Earth has placed within My Hands the Scepter of Power over human things. And when mankind will give Me their confidence enough to allow the Powers which I wield to flow through their beings, their bodies, and world of action, I will quickly enough show them how the Victory will act for them.

You observe the humble obedience of the Messengers to My slightest Wish. You see the achievement, and that accounts for it. It is the greatest thing in My Experience to have found two individuals Who would give that instantaneous obedience and yet make the most dynamic Application of Life that I have ever witnessed. (Applause – audience standing)”

Beloved Saint Germain

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