understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“How I rejoice with you, Beloved Ones of the Light! And when you see the achievement that is before you, when you realize the Truth that We have uttered – that all destructive forces are losing their complete power over mankind – then you will quite realize the Service that has been rendered America the past six months.

Remember, Children, you are the Victory of Light! (Applause)

As your Beloved __________ sang that song, Beloved Victory stood here in His Majesty and Power and, I say frankly, charged into your feeling world a Power of Victory that I have not seen thus far! (Applause) As you accept this into your feeling world, please watch and stand guard to allow nothing to interrupt or interfere with that by your human effort.

If you will sustain that a short time, it will begin to act automatically in your feeling world; and you will find a sustaining Power you never knew was there. He has done this intentionally tonight to give you the Victory in entering the New Year and into the new world. (Applause)

Does that sound a little bit strange, since you find yourself moving around in the same environment? Oh, no! No, My Dear Ones – your own new world is wholly independent of your environment; just remember that.

In everything that confronts you in the future, remember the Victory of the Light in you! Stand steady, serene, and calm; and see the Victory of the Light! (Applause)

Oh, how many in the coming year will find their Heart’s great desire being fulfilled! Oh, My Dear Ones, it is so wonderful for mankind once again to be entering into that Freedom, Glory, and Victory which Life wishes them to have.

Ere long, you will all understand and be grateful to the Law of your Life that brought you into contact with this Great Understanding of the “Mighty I AM”. (Applause)”

Beloved Saint Germain

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