understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of the Light, We are not supposed to be at a loss for Words, yet tonight I find Words quite inadequate to convey to you Our great Love and Gratitude for your magnificent Service of the past year that is just vanishing into the Perfection of the next. Rejoice with Me, when thus far in your beloved city, through the Class broadcasts, We have just completed a count of one million whose attention has been called to this “Mighty Presence of Life.” (Applause)

There are gentlemen present in the audience who will appreciate My next Words tremendously. A guard has been thrown around every governor of every state in the Union (Applause); and within that guard, no discarnate entity will ever again enter. (Applause) That means great Victory of Divine Order and Divine Justice for your states and the cities within those states.

We told you six months ago that We entered into definite action. I mean that and everything it conveys, for your government is going to change! (Applause) Political intrigue and deception shall vanish from your America! (Applause) All the political influence that has been brought to bear upon honest, sincere individuals, will no longer have power! (Applause)

A guard as never before has been placed over all official places in your government, and the influence which has been trying to gain power and authority shall lose it and disappear! (Applause)

In all the ages past, you have been defenders of the right; you have been defenders of the Light. Now you are entering as never before, even in all the time you have lived, into the magnificent glory of a Service which is indescribable to the human sense.

In this Power of Light for Divine Order and Justice – the Messenger has touched just a little of it – We have witnessed some of the most magnificent achievement among the Students in the past thirty days. I shall see that they report it to the Messenger.

I want you Blessed Ones to know that what has been attempting to influence and deprive the Students, has also lost its power and is vanishing. (Applause) I take this opportunity of conveying this information to you before you enter the new year, for I don’t want to see one of you dragging along any barnacles. (Applause)”

Beloved Saint Germain

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