understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, it is the greatest thing in the Universe to have Us Who are your Friends, Who know how to govern these Laws of Life to project into your feeling world that Substance, that Governing, Commanding Presence of Life which you need today to give you the Assistance required.

Well, mankind would be helpless, Gentlemen, without Us. You may not see that or understand it; but I assure you, there is not one out of a hundred thousand in America or the World today that can govern their feeling world sufficiently, long enough to let the Perfection of Life come forth, without Our Assistance.

As the substance of Earth discordantly qualified by mankind is dissolved and consumed, then that will be a tremendous Universal help to individuals; and that is why Our Gratitude is so very great to you, Gentlemen, in your gratitude and love that pour forth to Us and the Messengers.

I am going to say something in closing today, We have never mentioned; but you have seen how the Messengers in Their great outpouring of Divine Love have called forth the Divine Love from within individuals. You all have seen that.

Never in the history of the Earth has such great Power of Divine Love been poured forth to any individuals as has been to those two Messengers; and no one has ever received such great hate by a few – but that is very small in comparison with the Great Divine Love that has poured forth.

Gentlemen, could you see the cause of that, then you would know that Love is releasing you steadily and surely from everything that has bound you throughout the centuries. You, of course, must watch out that you do not qualify that outpouring of Divine Love with human desires.

That Power in Its Blessing to mankind is the greatest privilege of mankind today.

Therefore, as you keep releasing greater and greater power of Its Action, you have swung wide the doors to your “Mighty I AM Presence”, to Its Mighty Intelligence, to Its Treasure House to fill your world with every good thing you require.

Please, Gentlemen, carry that with you today – the firm determination, the firm Command from this moment forth: Not one thing of the human world of human creation can limit you in any sense.

Take your firm, determined stand in that; and I will assure you, you will agree with me ere long that I have told you the Truth. I am going to stand by you until you find that Freedom. (Applause)”

Beloved Saint Germain

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