understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I am going to ask you – you know I seldom do ask a favor – but during this Shrine Class, will every one of you take it upon yourselves to watch throughout the audience and call the usher’s attention to disturbance of any kind, so that any person who comes in just solely to create disturbance, may be removed quickly?

We want to do a great Work; and We do not want people to come in just to try to create disturbance or ridicule or anything of that kind, because if they do that, they don’t belong there.

We are going into definite action; so if you will make yourself a committee of one to watch and stand guard over that thing so it will be governed, We will appreciate it tremendously, and you will be the beneficiaries of all that comes through. I do not ask you to be unreasonable with anyone, but stand guard and watch that the greatest possible harmony is maintained in this Class.

In Washington, I surprised the Messenger very much by clearing out those who refused to give obedience in the audience. I will admit they were surprised, too. But I tell you, the body of Students now is great enough that people should understand that unless they come – We do not ask them to accept it, but they should at least come in kindly and harmonize themselves; that is all We ask.

Everyone who will do that is so welcome, but the vicious individuals must be kept out of this Class if I have to go out and hunt them out Myself, for We wish to do a Work never before attempted.

Will you please understand that and with the fullness of your great love and kindness, accept that into your world?”

Beloved Saint Germain

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