understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In America is a limitless abundance of money and everything that everyone in America requires today; therefore, that shall be held in Divine Order and Divine Distribution among the people of America. Stand firm and unyielding in that.

There are no people in your government, no people in official places that have authority or power to deprive mankind any longer of their supply of money they require for use! (Applause) Please be seated.

Every one of you individually who might feel a greater financial pressure or limitation, say to that thing: “You lie! You are not true; therefore, you have no power! Get out of my world! ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, charge and fill my world with the limitless supply of money from your Treasure House, and I refuse acceptance of anything else!”

Gentlemen, as you take that firm stand, you will find everything in the outer world yielding to that release of the money supply you require. I tell you, Gentlemen, that this thing shall cease; it shall not affect these Beloved Students.

Since Life has offered and gives everything now that It has, to the earnest individual who will give undivided attention to It – then tell Me, is there any condition in the outer world that can affect or deprive you of anything you require in the Service of the Light?

Remember, Gentlemen, every condition that has ever existed in the World in opposition to the Students of the Light has been reversed.

Therefore, I say to you, Gentlemen, in your determination to your “Presence of Life”, if you feel a little added pressure, call to some one of Us. We are your Friends and, if I do say it, the Greatest Friends you ever had. (Applause)

Now then, Gentlemen, every one of Us who wants to help you, knows how to manipulate these Laws to do it. Will you do Us the kindness to make your firmest, most powerful Application; then turn to Us and say: “Blessed Ones! I am doing my utmost. Now give me the Assistance in my feeling world to bring about this release.” And by George, it will be done! (Applause)

Thank you, Gentlemen.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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