understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If there is any feeling in your world, of Life being mysterious – of that which you have been expressing so far, being mysterious – please dismiss it. Oh, I want you to be so free in this mighty Application of Life; and since We are doing certain preparatory work for this coming Class, Gentlemen, enter in with all the joy and happiness at your Command.

Do not think I am unaware of your magnificent action, your magnificent power, energy, and substance released during the six months that the Messengers have been away. Feel My Gratitude to every one of you for every ounce of energy you have released for the Blessing and the Protection of America.

I know it is not easy to comprehend, unless you saw from Our standpoint all that is required; but I tell you, Gentlemen, it is magnificent what has been accomplished. Seeing what has been accomplished in the past six months, then can any of you tell Me what can be accomplished in the coming six months!

Oh, think of it! Think of it, Gentlemen, in the great struggle – and I use that word appropriately on this occasion because you have seen your own physical struggles in the endeavor to draw forth the greater Perfection of Life, and you have not succeeded as much as you would like.
But I tell you frankly, that in the condition that has been removed from your America and from your world of action, will you find it easier and easier to bring forth the Answer to your Calls.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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