understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you stand today in the fullness of your Life – and think of it, Gentlemen and Friends of America, you stand today in the “Presence of Life” just as you always have stood. Think of it – and yet you have not understood how to accept the greater fullness of Life which you can have at any moment, Gentlemen and Friends of America.

Life does not limit you! Energy does not limit you! Intelligence does not limit you! Then what has happened? Mankind’s belief in outer powers has caused them to limit themselves – and nothing else.

Therefore, as you turn to Life, give all you are back to Life; then will Life pour all of Itself into your body and into your world of action.

Then shall you see the great Blessing which Life is always holding for you. Only when your attention goes back home to Life, will you feel the fullness and the practical action of It that will bring that great Blessing into your world.

Remember, you are who are compelled to choose what you are going to do with this energy, if you waste it in destructive activities, then you cannot have it for the constructive thing.

If you want to have the constructive activity of Life, you will pass the currents of energy back to Life; then see how Life will produce Its Perfection in your body, through your body, and in your world of action in all Its practical powers that the outer world calls practical today.

In your mechanics there is not one thing practical than Life Itself, for what has produced your mechanics? What has produced all these things today? What has produced this piano and all these things? Life!

Therefore Gentlemen, think how practical Life is. You are not dealing with anything uncertain. You are not dealing with anything that Life cannot produce for you.

If there is any feeling in your world, of Life being mysterious – of that which you have been expressing so far, being mysterious – please dismiss it.””

Beloved Saint Germain

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