understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want you to see today, Gentlemen, how Life is the compelling force in Itself. Your attention to Life compels Life to express Its Greater Perfection through you and in your world, because what is your attention? Life, isn’t it? Then your attention to Life is the compelling power that compels Life to release a greater action of Itself into your outer world of action through your intellect and through your human form.

Therefore, I say to you, can you see anything so practical in all the world of action as that which is your own Life? Gentlemen, through your Stream of Life that beats your Heart has come everything that exists in the physical world today.

You think, many of mankind have felt very proud of their intellectual concepts, their discoveries, their perfection that they have brought forth, especially in the machinery world – but I say to you, Gentlemen, every engine, every motor, every power vehicle, every manifestation of form in the physical octave today came through the Stream of Life and energy of some human being.

It came forth as an idea; then it was made a blueprint; then the substance gathered to make the form complete. Whether it is an automobile, whether it is a building, a home, or whatever it is, still through that great Stream of Life has come the power and the energy by which all manifestation is in the physical world today.

Gentlemen and Friends of America, if you see this point, if you realize what it means, then you will understand that you are not – not one of you – any longer limited in the greater intensity of that Perfection of Life which you can call forth to manifest in your individual world. I want you to see that, if you will.

It is very practical and it is the mightiest Truth in the Universe. There is not one thing, there is no human being that can deny it.

Therefore assert your dominion, Gentlemen, in your attention to Life! Know that there is not one thing that can longer stand before you in the Mighty Power of Its Action, and Its Perfection which It will pour forth and flood your world of action with.

To know that this “Presence” is there is beautiful; but to command, by the “Presence of Life”, Its All-Powerful Action to take charge of your body and world, is still a greater action and the completion of the action and Call to Life.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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