understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, Gentlemen and Friends of America, you have never heard Me or the Messengers ask your obedience to one single thing, because the only obedience mankind should give is to Life. When you do give full, complete obedience to Life, Gentlemen, Life will flood your world with every good thing.

You have heard so much talk, perhaps not just recently, but in the few years past, about cooperative activity. Well, the first cooperation with anything should be with your “Presence of Life”; and unless you cooperate with your “Presence of Life”, it is impossible to cooperate harmoniously with your fellowman.

Now, Gentlemen and Friends of America, see another practical point of this: When you give obedience to Life, you are certain, absolutely certain to give obedience to outer requirements and to give your blessing to your fellowman, because obedience to Life means harmony in your feelings and towards your fellowman and the conditions which you meet in the outer world.

There is no condition that warrants a fighting attitude, because that is disturbance. That is interfering with the calm serenity of your feeling world through which Life flows to produce what you require.

That has nothing to do, Gentlemen, with firmness. You can be as firm as the Rock of Gibraltar, yet your feeling world as calm as a mill pond. That is the difference between a fighting feeling in your attitude toward something you disagree with, or the feeling of calm determination to know the truth about it.

That is why today, you as Students of this Great Light are in an enviable position to all mankind, because you know what Life requires and you know as you gain greater obedience to that Life, It not only will, but is compelled to produce Its Perfection in your world of action.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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