understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me draw you an illustration of how the natural activity of Life, through your attention to the “Presence of Life”, operates through your physical body, therefore in your world of action:

You take a magnet and put the point of it up, and you have before you the representation of the exact action of Life acting through the human form. If you were to place a magnet within your physical body, points up, front and back, you would feel and see and have before you the exact illustration of that which Life had intended mankind to use.

That is why We have urged all mankind in their use of the energy of Life to draw it down into action in the human form to the Heart level, then pass it back to the “Presence of Life”, which is the cleansing, purifying activity of Life.

Then in Its Power of reaction and return, It will make you feel the full power of the action of Life in and through the human form.

If your Stream of energy flowing into the body is wasted through anger, through abnormal sex activity, or whatever it is, that releases the feeling and sends the energy down and out of the physical body, and you cannot restore that. You have not returned to Life that which Life has given you.

Therefore, as you understand this – that your physical body is a magnet to Life, drawing down Its mighty currents of energy, and if understood properly, sending them back in their mighty action to Life – then you will have fulfilled the action of Life in returning to Life that which It has given to you, which will cause Life to release greater and greater Forces and Power and Substance into your world of action that will produce Its exact, mathematical Perfection for you.

All this is practical, Gentlemen and Friends of America – there is not one thing about the understanding of Life that is not practical.

That is why We as Ascended Beings are the most practical Beings in the World, and why, having passed through the Life experience of mankind in human forms, We understand your problems. We understand your conditions and have gained the Freedom from them, and know exactly how to go about it to set you free.

If you will give obedience to the few things We ask – which is not obedience to Us, but obedience to your Life to give you Freedom – you will understand how very practical We are.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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