understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, everything We do, Gentlemen and Friends of America, is by the action of Life. All the seeming so-called miracles that have ever been performed in Life are the natural action of Life, but so-called miracles because they were not understood.

But today, in the clearing of the understanding of mankind, you have found the clearness, the power, the action of Life; and as you call It into action more and more firmly, will you find the clearness of your understanding and your comprehension clearing each day until you will not only feel Its Reality, but by the clearness which is the All-Seeing Eye of God acting through your feeling, will you see and know the reason for Its action.

Therefore, I say to you today, try out this Law. Call to your “Presence of Life” as never before and stand unyielding, determined to have Its Greater Perfection and Action come forth through your body and into your world, and see how quickly you will prove these great Laws of Life in Their Simplicity, Majesty, and Power, and the Blessing of Their Action in your Life.

We, Who have the Great Freedom today, realize what It means. You who have not attained It yet cannot possibly know the fullness of It.

But since you believe I am Real – and I am saying this to the Blessed Ones present – since I am Real, although still invisible to you, then you must understand that the Power which I use to assist you is also yet invisible, but one day will become as visible and tangible as your own physical bodies; because as your physical vibratory action is lifted, raised into the clearer and greater understanding of Life, then that which today is invisible to you will become as visible and tangible as your physical bodies are today.

That is the natural action of Life, and you have it before you in the airplane propeller and your electric fans. You see then still in perfectly tangible form; but in the full speed of action you do not see them – at least you do not see the form – but you have the fullness of their action which is the propelling power.

It is so with all Life. As you increase its intensity, it lifts the vibratory action of your physical structure until you see it.

For instance, I say to you, Friends of America, and to those Gentlemen present who are Students, if you saw from Our Standpoint the difference of their vibratory action today and six months ago, you would understand clearly and forever just what I am talking about.

The vibratory action of those in the room, by their attention to the “Presence of Life”, is so much greater in its intensity than it was six months ago, that to Me it is quite as tangible as your physical bodies.

Therefore in the step-up – as you use the term in electric parlance – you raise the vibratory action; that is what all of Life is asking you to do today in giving your attention to Life, which makes a mighty magnet.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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