understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You are dealing with substance every moment of Life. And this substance has been qualified by mankind and has charged the atmosphere of Earth, filled it, so to speak, until you today are actually moving under its pressure – unless you have understood the “Presence of Life” in order to dissolve, so far as your individual world is concerned, that which has been the pressure upon you.

There have been thousands of the Students today who have been able to do this, but many remain who are still feeling this sense of limitation and pressure.

It only requires a little more determination and firmness upon their part to the “Presence of life” to have it completely dissolved. Then they move forward in the “Presence of Life” without limitations, in the full confidence of their own “Presence of Life”, the Owner and Director of all that they require to produce happiness and Perfection in their world, or Perfection in the human octave.

Therefore, Gentlemen, call to be dissolved all belief that is in your feeling world, so that the “Presence of Life” may take Its Command of your intellect, of your feeling world, and raise you into the full Power of Its Action while you still remain in the human octave, within the compass of your physical body.

Your physical bodies are but a garment which you are wearing; and the “Presence of Life” is the Power of Life, of Light, of Energy, of Intelligence. Although mankind have believed that they were limited in the intelligence they were using, still that is not the case.

The “Presence of Life” which beats your Heart, Whose Intelligence is without limit, stands ready, and has at all times, to pour the Greater Activity of Itself into your intellect, through your body, out into your world of action – first to harmonize it; then you stop the qualification acting from within your feeling world and allow the full Power and Presence of Life to flow forth.

It is not a hair-raising activity to call the “Presence of Life” forth, but a great, calm determination that brings the greater and greater release of Life to flow forth through your body and out into your world.

As you understand the need of the harmonization of your world, then you will find in your Call, greater and greater Power and Speed of Action of this “Presence of Life” – the most practical thing in the Universe – will flow forth, take command of your activity, your world of action.

Then you will see how readily, how easily, and how perfectly It goes forth – just so naturally.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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