understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to the fellow Students, your ability is complete today in dissolving from your world at your Call to the “Presence of Life”, everything that has limited you or seemed to bind you; and if you will take the full acceptance of that and no longer through the feeling – many times unknown to the intellect – give power to the conditions that seem to have been limiting in the past, you will not continue to experience them today.

Therefore, I say to you as you try this out, be firm, be determined to prove it right rather than allow the human intellect to try to prove it wrong – for no one in the Universe can prove Life wrong, and that is all We are dealing with. That is all We are talking about.

When you realize that mankind in their inconceivable number of beliefs have not contacted that which was Reality, and they have met so many disappointments – still they build and build and build that human sense of limitations which has drawn them into the condition that they find themselves in today.

Now, you would perhaps think it strange when the simple word “belief” – and mankind have used it so much; but do you know, Friends of America and Gentlemen, what that word will do to you? Belief is an uncertainty and is the full indication of uncertainty within the minds of mankind.

With Life, with Us, there is no such thing as belief. It is the knowing Power of Life which We are and which We are humbly endeavoring to convey to you; and in your determination and attention to Life, you become that knowing Power – or in other words, Life becomes that knowing Power through you, which dissolves and pushes aside, as it were, all of the human accumulation that has been what you understand as belief. But today, fast is being dissolved this belief attitude of mankind throughout the Americas.

Therefore, in the activity that has begun already in the dissolving of the human substance from the atmosphere of Earth – that sounds perhaps nebulous to you, but it is very tangible, Friends of America and Gentlemen.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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