understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, only as you reach Our State some day in the future, will you see how mankind have come today into an understanding of the Principle, Power, and Action of Life that they can call into action to remedy these conditions. Mankind have tried to remedy them through physical force, but I tell you it is never permanent; it is not an eternally sustained activity, but only produces temporary results.

But when you call the “Presence and Power of Life” into action, you are not only anchoring to that, but you are, by the Power of the very Life itself which beats your Heart, calling Its Intensification into action.

If you understand thoroughly that your Call to Life causes to be set into action a Mighty Light Ray which is Intelligence and Energy in focused Power of Direction, focused upon a given objective, It will produce definite, harmonized results and bring about Divine Order and Divine Justice.

Today in your America, Divine Order and Divine Justice are certainly needed.

Therefore, if you will make this Call to Life – and It does not require a vast understanding of this Activity of Life in order to make this Call – Friends of America, I speak to you directly when I say this: try to make the Call to Life. I assure you that your “Presence”, that focalized Activity of Life which is your “Mighty I AM Presence”, is above you, and Its Ray of Light and Energy beats your Heart.

Therefore, I say to you, if you will make the Call – not with doubts and questioning, but with the sincerity and desire to find out, to have released into your body, your world of action, proof that the “Presence” is there – there is not one in human form who cannot have that proof at their Call. For after all, the “Presence of Life” that animates your body is the controlling, governing Presence and Intelligence of the Universe, once mankind come to understand It.

But mankind have believed that physically they were the power, or that their physical bodies were the power, and their intellect the authority for the action of Life. In that they have been greatly mistaken.

The “Power and Presence of Life” acting through that intellect and human form is the Power, is the Authority.

Therefore, Gentlemen and Friends of America, as you come to recognize this you will see at least logically, that there is no limit to the “Presence of Life”, which it is your privilege to call forth.

Only as mankind still yield to the belief that they are limited and that there is cause for the pressure upon the human form and a power to limit them, will they longer experience it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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