understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen and Friends of America! I greet you in the Name of Life, in the Name of Love, Wisdom, and Power, which is your privilege to call into action to beautify and perfect yourself and your world as no thing in the World that has ever come to the understanding of mankind can do.

As you are listening today, and I say this to the Friends of America, as well as those present, that in your privilege of calling Life into action, remember you are dealing with the power of the Universe – your Life.

You have not known this; but as you come to understand your connection with the “Presence of all Life” in Its Mightiest Concentration of Action, then you, by your determination and attention, may call forth this Concentration of Life, Intelligence, and Power to take command of yourselves and your worlds, produce Its Perfection, and hold Its Dominion there.

Only as you come to understand this full Power of Life of which you are the outpicturing – that which animates your body is this Life We are talking about, and that Power which beats your Heart – then you will understand you cannot be disconnected from It and retain your physical body.

Therefore, you are connected constantly and Eternally with the “Presence of all Life”; and when I say “Eternally”, I mean just that.

Could you see from Our standpoint the unlimited activity of Life, all that has been actually achieved within the borders of your America in the past year alone, you would rejoice with Us and have the greatest encouragement in the World to go on in your Call to Life in Its dauntless power to release that greater Life, Wisdom, Power, and Action into your world and into the requirements of America.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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