isis unveiled: chapter IX (as above, so below…)

“Then steps on the stage of creation the “spirit” (which properly ought to be translated “soul”, for it is the anima mundi, and which with the Nazarenes and the Gnostics was feminine), and perceiving that for Fetahil, the newest man (the latest), the splendor was “changed”, and that for splendor existed “decrease and damage”, awakes Karabtanos, “who was frantic and without sense and judgement”, and says to him:

“Arise; see, the splendor (light) of the newest man (Fetahil) has failed (to produce or create men), the decrease of this splendor is visible. Rise up, come with thy MOTHER (the spiritus) and free thee from limits by which thou art held, and those more ample than the whole world.”

After which follows the union of the frantic and blind matter, guided by the insinuations of the spirit (not the Divine breath, but the Astral spirit, which by its double essence is already tainted with matter) and the offer of the MOTHER being accepted the Spiritus conceives “Seven Figures”, which Irenaeus is disposed to take for the seven stellars (planets), but which represent the seven capital sins, the progeny of an astral soul separated from its divine source (spirit) and matter, the blind demon of concupiscence.

Seeing this, Fetahil extends his hand toward the abyss of matter, and says: “Let the earth exist, just as the abode of the powers has existed.” Dipping his hand in the chaos, which he condenses, he creates our planet.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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