understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, Gentlemen, I want to cite just a few things to you: I take you back to the early period of your America when the railroads and the means of transportation were needed across your country, and not enough people could be brought together to harmonize to do it.

Therefore, We drew great quantities of money into individuals’ hands. Those individuals thought they were the ones by their ability who brought the great accumulation of money; but I tell you, We brought it into that focus so that one individual had sufficient means by which he could control the situation and build those railroads through your America, and bring your transportation. And so it was an unlimited means of activity.

Today that requirement is finished. Today must come the balance of mankind financially in your world of food activity, and in your world of industry.

I could bring to you within ten minutes the discovery that would heat and light your homes for fifteen cents a day. (Applause) Now then, since there are millions in the present means of producing this, do you wonder that they do not want to give way to that thing which they think would lose them their millions?

They do not understand the “Presence of Life” – that they would know positively they could not be deprived of anything in allowing the Perfection of Life to come forth to their fellowman. They could not be deprived.

However, they did not bring a dollar here and they cannot take a dollar away; then who owns it? The “Presence of Life”!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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