understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“One day, Gentlemen, the middleman will disappear. What an hour of rejoicing that will be when the middleman has disappeared from your America. Then will the producer and the consumer be one in their mighty activity, and all will prosper. The distributor will be paid a sufficient sum for his freedom and happiness.

Then there will be no controlling of prices to drain the consumer and the producer, and draw the great profit into the hands of one who is not entitled to anything except for the service rendered. Then will mankind come into the Balance of Life.

Think of it! In this Great America where harmony from mankind would project itself into the Earth and the Earth would produce in itself limitless abundance, then those individuals say we have to keep the prices at a certain point, draining the consumer, paying so much to the producer. And where does the rest go?

Those are conditions that must be remedied on this Earth; and once they are, mankind will have a happiness and freedom they have never known in this World.

My Activity for centuries has been to try to bring the governmental activities into Divine Order and Divine Justice. With the increasing response from the people of America, as that is continued and held, I promise you that there will be Divine Order and Divine Justice in full power of action in your America (Applause – audience rising), and there shall be placed in every official position, Ascended Master Friends of America! (Applause) Please be seated.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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