understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, Gentlemen, for six hundred years I have pleaded with mankind, and only within seven years have I found a response.

Think of it, Gentlemen! When in France I took Napoleon under My wing, so to speak – and as a lad he was obedient as this Messenger – I thought then of the glory of all that appeared before Me in using him as a means of bringing a United States of Europe. Had he given obedience as he did in the beginning, we would have had the United States of Europe today, and the condition that exists there would not have been.

He was obedient until he determined to go to Moscow. I said to him the night before, “Napoleon, you are allowing the human to control you; and if you go forward, your star sets tonight.”

I put a screen across the corner of the room in order to try to convince him of My Power, and I walked behind that screen in one form and came out another. But it was of no avail. He had become so steeped in that human desire and determination that he threw Me aside – and mankind, at that time, their Free Will was paramount. I had nothing to do but step aside.

His star did set that night, and you know the result.

Then just before his passing – he had called and called and called to Me for weeks and weeks, and I would not go near him; then just before his passing, I went to him and said, “Napoleon, why in the Name of God did you allow the human desire to take command of you when such magnificent glory could have come through you as one individual?” Of course, he could not answer.

Today, the Great Cosmic Light and Cosmic Law have so provided, that the destructive Free Will of individuals can be withdrawn and set aside. Had that been the condition then, I would have withdrawn his Free Will and compelled him to go on to Victory.

That could be done today, but it could not be then.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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