understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In your Application, Gentlemen, let Me remind you again that when you call to the “Presence”, one or more of those Light Rays go forth. That Power of Light knows no resistance nor interference; therefore, you cannot help but feel that your Call to Life is the imperative Command for that result to be produced.

If you will think of it in that manner, you will not fail to have your Calls answered in a single instance! But if you feel unknowingly that you physically are the one that is the doer, then you are obstructing the way, because your human feeling will intrude or clothe the energy as it goes forth.

That has been what is the matter with mankind. They have not understood that the power of energy clothes the Light which goes forth and carries the quality instead of the Power of Light, because the quality clothing that Light as It goes forth strikes before the Light and undoes the activity the Light would produce.

Therefore, to simply refrain from qualifying that Mighty Energy of Life by any human quality – then will that Energy go forth and perform the Service quickly and give you all the evidence you require of Its Power to act for you.

All these things you must prove for yourself, but you will find every Word I tell you is the Truth.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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