understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I ask you, Minute Men, stand guard over those who come into your Groups. One with intense sex desire can spread that radiance over your entire Group. I say to you, Gentlemen, every one of you before you enter your Group Meetings, cast from you every desire of that kind for the time you are in that Group Meeting; and let nothing call your attention back to it while you are there, because there you have come to serve the Light.

That is why today in this Mighty Call to the “Presence of Life”, you are a power that you do not dream of yet. Your “Presence” is the Doer; your Call releases Its Mighty Intelligence and Power into action, and whatever this Messenger has done or has been able to do thus far, you can do. His Calls are answered with the power of lightning, and the proof is the letters and telegrams received which are proof of it.

Therefore, that is by the gaining of that momentum, and the conserving of the energy so that when you make the Call, It goes forth like a rocket to the objective and the thing is accomplished.

It would be so in all business and industry where the people had conserved that energy; then when they make a Call for Divine Order and Divine Justice and Perfection to come into their business, that Light would go forth like a rocket and the thing would be accomplished.

Everyone can have the proof of that who wants to try it out. Today that need is so great.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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