understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Will you understand Me when I say I long for that day when the Great Law of Life permits Me to stand before you in My Tangible Body and show you what it means, the conservation of the Energy of Life. (Applause-audience rising)

The day I can stand before you and blaze the Light from My Body that would fill this room – send from My Head, My Throat, My Heart, and My Hands those Mighty Rays direct to you – then will you understand what it means to conserve the Energy of Life.

That is why We as Ascended Beings have limitless Power, because in the Ascended State, Gentlemen, there are no such desires. There is no such thing as sex desire in the Ascended State; that only belongs to the human octave. Won’t you be seated, please.

Remember, your human octave is from the surface of the Earth to approximately seven thousand feet – varying in certain localities and conditions, but that is the only place that sex desires exists. I want you to understand that, Gentlemen, and the reason I am taking it up is because you of New York need this.

The pressure of that desire over your city and over your people is tragic; and unless you are strong, unyielding in your Call to the “Presence” to keep out of you that desire, you would succumb to it, of course.

Through your Call you become the Victory of Light. Then as you conserve that energy in your body, and you gain that strength and power, then your Call to the “Presence” goes forth like dynamite, and you have the immediate Answer to your Call.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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