understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, do you realize that that Great One, the Ascended Master Jesus, said the last enemy to be overcome was death? And how does death come about? In reality there is no death, but He meant the release of yourself from your physical bodies.

Gentlemen, when your desire goes down below the Heart, you are dragging yourself into so-called death, because one day it will release your energy from your body until you can no longer hold to the body, and that is the only reason for death, so-called. Your energy is wasted, it is gone.

Remember in the early part of this Work when the Messenger conveyed this magnificent Understanding to mankind, a great many thought, “Well, now I have learned how to draw the energy forth, and I can gratify myself all I please and still retain the energy I require.” What a mistake.

Gentlemen, let Me remind you that between your physical body and your “Mighty I AM presence” is your Higher Mental Body which knows the Perfection that the “Presence” is, and knows your imperfection. It is the Director of the Energy through your body that you call forth from the “Presence”.

And do you think your Higher Mental Body, which is All-wise, would release Energy of an added power for you to gratify yourself without limit?

It will not release Energy for that purpose; do not make a mistake about that!

I tell you, Gentlemen, the need today is in retaining that Mighty Energy in your body. Pass It back to the “Presence” so that the Power of that Mighty Light Ray going forth, can carry that substance from the physical octave of the physical body, into your world of activity through physical results. It is the only way you will ever win any Victory – Health, Strength, Courage, Power of Achievement.

It only comes through that Stream of Life and Energy from your own God Presence, your “Mighty I AM”; but if you let that go on down and carry out, where is your energy retained?””

Beloved Saint Germain

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